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  • Expenses: Direct charges like airfare, hotel, and other incidentals billed separately.

What else should I know?

Sometimes an issue you experience may be caused by a temporary outage from another service provider. Here are a few common examples:

  • Internet Provider: Inclement weather events like blizzards, storms, heatwaves, and more may cause an outage. Notify your Internet provider to confirm whether others in your area are experiencing similar issues.
  • Music streaming service: Sometimes the company delivering the content you enjoy—music, TV shows, and more—may have a temporary service outage. Companies like Sonos have fabulous support for their music systems and can assist with technical help.
  • HVAC: In the event, your environment control isn't operating the way it should, there are multiple factors to consider. Your smart thermostat simply talks to your HVAC system, and in most instances, your HVAC company will be the best equipped to help repair the system hardware and infrastructure.

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