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Smart lighting

Lighting Controls

Light control for your home will not only save energy and contribute to bettering the environment, but also increase safety at your home. Whether they need to be aesthetically pleasing, dimmable, or set on a timer, we can create exactly what you're looking for in as many rooms as you like.

Temperature Control

You want to feel best while in the comfort of your own home, but if the temperature isn't right, your home is probably not the most comfortable it can be. Smart temperature controls will ensure that your house is heated or cooled to the exact temperature you like. Just tap your phone and voila.

Temperature control in bedroom
Sonos speakers

Whole Home Audio

This is about taking the experience of the music you love to the next level. Blast your favorite song throughout your whole home, or play different music in different rooms. Ultra hi-fi stylish speakers complete the package, and if you prefer them hidden, we can make that happen too.

Window Treatments

With motorized window shades, you can open all of the windows in your home with the touch of a button (or your phone), and even set the shades on a timer so they open automatically. Let in more light when it's sunny out or close the blinds from your bed when you're ready to go to sleep.

Living room with full-wall windows and shades
Stylish home theater experience

Home Theater

Create an entirely new experience with a home theater. The best part? You control every aspect. We’ll work with you to create a theater that’s within your budget and suits your aesthetic. Surround sound, lighting control, stunning TVs and custom theater seating will make your movie room a true cinematic experience.

Outdoor Audio

Whatever the perfect outdoor space means to you it probably involves the ability to play the music you love that sounds great at any volume. Whether you have a small patio or a large backyard, live in the city or in the suburbs, we can custom design an outdoor audio solution that perfectly suits you and your needs.

Porch with comfy outdoor furniture and plants
Parent and kid on multiple internet-connected devices

Wireless Networks

Your home should be the one place where you can completely rely on your wireless network. It's the backbone of your entire home, ensuring that all your devices are connected together and to the Internet, while also securing your privacy. Having a great wireless network means that you don't just have excellent coverage, but that you have excellent coverage throughout your entire home. 

You are our priority, and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer experiences with every project. Our mission is to design and install customized solutions that perfectly match each client’s unique needs and style. 

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