Seamlessly Integrating Sound: A New Angle on Design with the Wedge Series Speakers

by Springboard Automation, on Jul 21, 2023 11:02:55 AM

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Sound plays a big role in shaping how we experience a space, just as much as visual elements do. As designs for high-end homes keep evolving, the importance of combining great visuals with amazing audio is becoming clearer than ever. So, how do we make a space that not only looks good but sounds good too? That's where the distinctive Wedge Series by James comes in. This speaker system, designed to fit right into a corner and disappear, is just what architects and interior designers need to achieve their vision in many one-of-a-kind applications.

Versatile and Sleek Design

In luxury spaces, every element contributes to the overall aesthetic narrative. The Wedge Series, with its sleek, compact design, can be subtly incorporated into the existing design layout and disappear. These speakers are perfectly suited to fit seamlessly into a 90-degree corner, such as at two walls or a wall and ceiling junction. This versatile design means they work exceptionally well in both indoor and outdoor settings, including under eaves, outdoor pergolas, or trellises.

Colors and Patterns that match the environment

Dive into the world of hydrodipping to give your James Wedge speaker a unique aesthetic that blends into its environment. This cutting-edge immersion printing technique allows you to adorn your speaker with stunning patterns and captivating hues, taking its visual appeal to new heights. From vibrant splashes of color to intricate designs, custom hydrodipping turns your speaker into an extraordinary masterpiece. See how your James Wedge speaker can take on a new look to match the wood, stone, plants, and other elements in your design.

Unmatched Sound Performance

The Wedge Series stands out with its expertly engineered components that guarantee high-quality sound, offering a wide-ranging frequency response that's smooth and true to the original source. Whether it's the faint whisper in a drama movie or the pulsating beats of a high-energy soundtrack, these speakers deliver an unmatched audio experience in all scenarios. Crafted entirely from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Wedge Series ensures robustness, high sonic performance, and enduring durability.

Easy Installation with a Minimalist Touch

A cornerstone of the Wedge Series is its ease of installation. The unique mounting system features an easy-to-install corner bracket that the speaker clips into, fastened securely via setscrews. This results in a clean, visually appealing setup without exposed wires or brackets, making these speakers an architect and designer's dream.


The Wedge Series stands as a symbol of harmonious integration between sound and design. These speakers elevate any luxury space, offering a perfect blend of high-quality audio, aesthetic versatility, and easy installation. In the realms of architectural and interior design, the Wedge Series is a testament to how sound can be an integral part of the design narrative, setting a new standard for luxury audio solutions.

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