How the heck do you hide a TV in the bedroom?

by Andrew Formica, on Oct 8, 2020 1:47:05 PM

You like to watch TV from the comfort of your bed, but what if you don't want one permanently on display?

Explore six unique ways to mount your display in a bedroom, so it's only there when you need it to be.

1. Ceiling Solutions

You may not have considered it, but ceiling space is often an ideal location to conceal your display when it's not in use. This allows you to reclaim your bedroom wall and floor space for things like dressers or mirrors.

Many highrise apartments feature larger windows and breath-taking views, so there is less wall space on which a display can be mounted. By installing your display into the ceiling you get to keep your view and have the comfort of watching TV in bed at a moment's notice.

Up and Away

2. Under Bed Solutions

But what if you like watching TV while getting ready to go out? If this sounds like you then you'll love the freedom of an under bed solution. Choose up to six preset heights and rotations of the display so you can watch it from anywhere in the room.

Of course, storing your display under the bed is another way to save floor and wall space, too. Store your TV inside your bed frame and summon it from under your bed with a simple touch.

No monsters under there 1No monsters under there 2

3. Mirror Solutions

Another unique way to conceal your TV when you're not using it, is to incorporate it into an elegant mirror. Entertainment TV Mirrors are indistinguishable from a framed mirror when turned off. You can choose from over 100 designer frames to give it a unique look without having to worry about a clashing black rectangle on the wall. 

Enjoy your favorite TV show with impressive 4K picture quality. When you're finished smile at the beautiful mirror that seemingly appears on your wall.

Mirror OnMirror Off

4. End of Bed Solutions

Tired of compromising your aesthetics in order to fit technology in your home? Then you'll love this solution. Achieve your creative vision by selecting an automated display mount inside of your favorite cabinetry. When you're ready to watch TV, watch it appear from nowhere.

Something afoot 1Something afoot 2

5. Sliding Panel Solutions

Sliding panels are one of the most stylish and stealthy ways you can conceal a display in your bedroom.

Not only that, the sliding front panel can be fitted with a custom fascia to match the surrounding joinery, providing seamless integration into any space.

Every detail has been considered. When you're ready to watch TV, the panel slides up into the wall and the display advances forward to sit flush with the surrounding cabinetry. Once you're finished watching TV, hide it from view so the room returns to its original aesthetic.

conceal and reveal 1conceal and reveal 2

6. Moving Art Solutions

Moving art can completely conceal your display behind a canvas or framed print. This is especially valuable if wall space is at a premium and you want to include both items in your bedroom.

Watch as a single or split panel canvas print glides in front of your display to completely conceal it from view.

Want to take it one step further? Rather than choosing from the art and photography gallery, design your own canvas print using images and artwork of your choosing.

Artistic license

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