Big Sound, Small Aperture: How to Integrate Superior Sound with Your Lighting Plan

by Springboard Automation, on Aug 11, 2023 10:46:52 AM

James Small Aperture SA63-7

In luxury homes, balancing superior sound with aesthetics is challenging. Meet the Small Aperture® Series by James Loudspeaker, a triumph in design. What you see is merely a sleek 3-inch trim that integrates seamlessly into your lighting plan. What you don't see, yet undoubtedly experience, is the concealed backbox. Invisible to the eye, yet powerful in performance, this hidden feature delivers incredible, immersive sound that transforms your living space.

A Hidden Marvel Behind the Wall

The Small Aperture® collection of speakers that masterfully hides a large backbox behind the drywall. The user only sees a 3-inch or 4-inch round or square seamless flush opening, perfectly matched to the lighting plan, yet behind this subtle facade lies a world of rich and immersive sound.

  • Full-Range Music Experience: The hidden large backbox delivers high volume levels, deep bass, and wide coverage from behind the scenes. The result? A harmonious and complete music experience that is felt but not seen.
  • A 3-Way Design: This unique design includes a 0.75” aluminum dome tweeter for high frequencies, a 2” aluminum midrange driver for middle frequencies, and a 6.5” aluminum mini PowerPipe subwoofer for low frequencies. Together, they work to create a rich and balanced sound across all levels of music.
  • Seamless Aesthetic Integration: The seamless round or square opening can be customized to match your lighting fixtures, ensuring that your auditory experience enhances, not distracts from, your interior's design.

Unparalleled Sound Isolation

When working with spaces that demand both precise acoustics and comfort, the Small Aperture® Speaker opens up opportunities to control sound behavior in the most elegant way:

  • Minimized Sound Radiation: The design ensures less sound spill into adjoining spaces, allowing for a more controlled auditory ambiance.
  • Effective Dampening of Unwanted Sounds: The engineering of this speaker ensures a calm and serene auditory environment by skillfully attenuating any undesired noise.

James Small Aperture SA63-7 2

The Ideal Companion for High-End Homes

Designed for luxury interiors where appearance and sound are equally crucial, the Small Aperture® Series offers:

  • Compatibility with High-End Lighting Plans: The grille configuration accepts industry-standard mounting and can match lighting fixtures in the same installation.
  • Deep Bass Down to 38Hz: Despite the small opening, the hidden mini PowerPipe woofer delivers bass that's both deep and powerful, providing a truly full-range music experience.

Summary: Sound Redefined, Elegantly

The Small Aperture® Series by James Loudspeaker successfully breaks the boundaries between aesthetic elegance and auditory excellence. With a hidden large backbox delivering a full-range music experience and a small 3-inch opening that seamlessly matches the lighting plan, it's a marriage of looks and function that resonates perfectly within luxury living spaces.

The 3-way design ensures a balanced and comprehensive sound, and the seamless integration with the visual design makes it a must-have for those seeking the best possible auditory experience without compromising on style. In the world of high-end interiors, where every detail is a statement, the Small Aperture® Series speaks a language of grace, innovation, and harmony. It's not just about what you hear; it's about what you see and feel, too. A true game-changer, this speaker offers an opportunity to elevate your space to a new level of sophistication and pleasure.

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