Make Your Next at-Home Bar Jaw-Dropping

by Andrew Formica, on Feb 9, 2021 11:23:48 AM

Make Your Next at-Home Bar Jaw-Dropipng

You already know that life at home has homeowners investing more into their home offices and gyms—as well as their home bar. The at-home bar is great for relaxing and entertaining, and it also presents an opportunity for unique decor, personality, and even a touch of class.

This is also a great opportunity to integrate home automation elements. These elements enable you to demonstrate cutting edge expertise and make the space even more distinctive. Your clients will love showing it off to their wide-eyed friends and family. Here are three unique ways to make your home bar extraordinary this year, using luxury smart-home amenities.

1. Your Personal Control Center

Imagine that you and your family are enjoying a drink at home. You hear a car in the driveway, so you would like to view your outdoor cameras and set the mood for your new guest.

With a single touch, your TV appears. View your personalized “control center,” presented beautifully on the big screen. Your video cameras are displayed along with controls for a wide range of services—music temperature, cameras, shading, and more. You can also activate a custom scene that includes your favorite combination of these services. The experience is intuitive and impressive.

It may surprise you, but many homeowners love the sense of luxury that personalized home control from the TV can provide.

2. Lighting That Matches The Mood

What cocktail hour is complete without perfect lighting to match the mood? With custom fixtures and light strips from our favorite brands, you can achieve lighting that is functional for the space while delivering superior color and aesthetics.

A seemingly infinite palette of colors for your downlights and accent lights provide unique opportunities. For example, highlight your favorite glassware and spirits with a color of your choosing. When your favorite sports team is playing, instantly transform the space to display your team colors instead. You will love the results. They are functional, beautiful, intuitive, and easy to integrate seamlessly with an existing lighting plan.

3. Big Sound, Out of Sight

Avoid aesthetic blemishes in your home decor, such as enormous box speakers or large, thick-bezel ceiling cans. Instead, choose small aperture speakers that are cleverly disguised or hidden entirely out of sight. Yes, you can absolutely enjoy rich, clear sound and not even know where it’s coming from.

Of course, the finishing touch to enjoying fully immersive sound is a subwoofer. It delivers the low bass notes in music; however, subwoofers are generally large and ugly. That’s why so many people regret placing their subwoofer in the corner of the room or next to furniture. The solution then is to place the subwoofer in the ceiling or in the wall, just like your standard wall speakers. You can even go further and disguise the subwoofer as an HVAC vent, while still maintaining great sound quality.

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