Just because you're home, doesn't mean you're stuck inside.

by Andrew Formica, on May 7, 2020 12:00:39 PM

We've identified four ways to improve your quality of life right now. Let us help transform your outdoor space into something magical.

All of our custom solutions can work in yards large or small, on patios, and even on roof decks. These wonderful amenities are available to be scheduled for prompt installation, to maximize your spring and summer relaxation this season.

Outdoor WiFi

Great WiFi doesn’t need to stop inside your house. Enjoy lightning fast speeds in your yard, patio, and deck. Now you can watch your favorite shows, video chat with friends, and keep up to date with the world and office without missing a beat.

State-of-the-art WiFi operates at full speed by using access points with direct communication to the router. Through strategic planning and network design, constant dropouts and interruptions are a thing of the past. Plus, you'll receive great service both before and after installation. It’s not just WiFi, it’s support too. Our systems are super reliable, and if there is ever an issue, we are just a phone call away.

Outdoor Audio

What better way to destress than to relax outside with your favorite music.  Easily choose your favorite music no matter the station, artist, or genre, and play it anywhere throughout your home—inside or outside.

We have systems for every size space, both big and small. Our two speaker systems for the deck and patio are a great addition right outside your house. We can easily wire and install the equipment for protection from the elements and then discretely mount the speakers outside your house. Don’t want to see the speakers at all? We can conceal them under the eaves of your roof or in the ceiling of your covered porch.

Do you have a large yard or multiple areas that need discrete audio zoning? Fire pit, deck, pool, and grill? The key for these homes is to disperse the sound evenly, without having to crank up the speakers at the far end of the yard. We can discreetly place landscape speakers so you can escape into your backyard paradise without distraction. Our designers carefully select equipment and speakers to fit your tastes and needs. Choose from bollard speakers, bullet speakers, rock speakers, and more. We consider every detail: from how you use the space to aesthetics to treble and bass. Want your speakers hidden directly into the earth? We even have that covered.

Outdoor TV

Something that has been very positive with our clients is watching TV outdoors. You might not think this is something you want, but there’s nothing better than streaming Netflix or Hulu while you’re outside grilling.

Outdoor Lighting

Dinner may be over and the sun may be setting, but the back yard is still your home. Finish your day outside with great mood lighting and your favorite bottle to drink.

Illuminate your trees, shrubs, furniture, and more with everything from tiki torches to discreetly placed niche lights.  We help make your dream a reality.

Whats next?

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We would love to help you relax at home this spring and it starts with a free consultation—on the phone, through video chat, or in person.

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