Calling all architects and designers!  There’s no easier way to grow your business!

by Andrew Formica, on Jun 4, 2020 12:44:12 PM

Business may look different from a few months ago, but your clients are still dreaming and you can explore great opportunities, too. That’s why we’re offering free 1 hour virtual design services. There’s no better way to expand your offerings, demonstrate your expertise, and excel your business than this.

Grow your business

Smart home experiences make clients happy and simultaneously make you look great too. They help you take on a wider variety of jobs and make your work stand out from others (and get more referrals too!). Homeowners love the convenience of automated window treatments, custom lighting controls, and whole home sound. Plus, your clientele will love how easy it is to instantly transform every room in their home with scenes for entertaining, relaxing, and convenient daily living.

The dreaming room with a Home Automation Specialist is totally remote and contact-free. It’s a great opportunity for you to explore new and existing opportunities and learn how smart home technology will discreetly and seamlessly fit into your design. In these consultations, you can explore client needs and tastes, review blueprints, and receive tailored recommendations.

• Custom lighting and lighting controls
• Whole home sound
• Automated window treatments
• Custom entertainment
• Temperature control
• Home surveillance
• Automated whole home Scene design
• & more!


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